What’s the ROI of putting your pants on everyday?

It can be tempting for management to dismiss investing in social media as wasteful. But what about the cost of not investing?  Regardless of the metrics, you have to be where your customers are.

The start-up pitch that wowed Budweiser

How to make friends and influence people – important people.  Put a smart start-up in front of Anheuser-Busch InBev and watch the magic happen.  These guys nailed it.

The best in tablets

The only seven tablets worth owning right now.  Who knew there were even seven?  Bet you can’t name them…

A Christopher Guest TV series? Don’t tease me…

Christopher Guest is getting the band back together for an HBO series. No more waiting for *years* between movies like Waiting for Guffman (personal fave), Best In Show, and, the mother of them all, This Is Spinal Tap. Proof there is a TV god.

Sorry, JT – not the warmest welcome for the new MySpace

A little harsh, but pretty much deserved.  You can read it here.