Hi, I’m Pam Spevak, also known as spamothemagnificent (all run together, all lower case – I’m very much a stickler about that).

I have been kicking around the media and entertainment business for over 20 years (I was a child prodigy of 15 when I started).  My experience is in operations, strategy, business development and client service across a spectrum of businesses – from radio to cable to print to live to talent to digital – in both large companies and start-ups. I have built and nurtured digital and traditional businesses,  and really like to take existing assets and develop new revenue streams.  I’m also a deal junkie.  I’m not creative in the traditional sense – although I have extreme reverence for (and am totally jealous of) people who make creative endeavors their life’s work – but I do like to think of myself as being a creative business executive.  Not only in a left brain/right brain sort of way, but I’m pretty creative in my approach to finding solutions to problems and new ways to exploit opportunities.   People skills are my strong suit – I’m a very good leader and team builder.  That said, I’m very opinionated and a little bossy, but I’m working on it.

For all the gory details on my professional stats, check out my LinkedIn profile.


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