I know she’s cute…but don’t stare at Katy Perry

I know I’ve been remiss in my postings (or lack thereof)….I promise to be back tomorrow to dissect the LinkedIn IPO.  But here’s a tidbit for you to chew on in the interim.  As if Katy Perry’s mere existence wasn’t enough to illustrate much of what’s wrong with the music business, along comes this gem:  Drivers Beware: Don’t Stare At Katy Perry | The Smoking Gun.

This is the plain English version of KP’s concert rider – the document that lays out all of her specific demands for her tour dates.  It is, in a word, appalling.  She is probably somewhere around minute 13 of her allotted 15 minutes, but someone in her camp has decided that pretending she is Madonna is the way to insure her longevity.  If you’re a fan see her now – it will probably be your last chance.


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