MoviePass: Awesome for movie lovers AND studios

If you haven’t heard, MoviePass is a subscription service that allows you to pay a monthly fee to see up to one movie per day at any movie theater in your city. If you’re an avid movie goer like me, this is like manna from heaven.  Interestingly, the model enables the company to do this without securing approval from theaters, which it would never get largely because innovation in the theater business is more or less limited to stadium seating (you can read about how MoviePass managed to do that in this blog post; it’s pretty brilliant in its simplicity).  What’s even better from a business standpoint beyond the “no permission required” aspect  (I’m much more more of a “beg forgiveness” kind of person) is the nature and value of the data MoviePass will collect about movie goers – information the studios have craved for *decades* and which MoviePass will be able to mine in innumerable ways.  As the author of the referenced blog post states, innovation will be afoot in Hollywood.  And as per usual – since the days of the talkies – that innovation will come from outside the industry.